Ancient Buddhist Texts

Materials from the early and medieval Buddhist tradition covering texts in Pāli and Sanskrit; line by line (interlinear) texts and translations; translations in English only; studies of grammar, prosody and compilation; maps, reference works and audio files.

website last updated June 3rd, 2016


This website has 4 main sections:

Original Texts and Studies

Texts and Translations

Texts in English Only

Grammar and Prosody

there are also

Reference Materials

Maps of Ancient Buddhist India

Audio Readings of Selected Texts


Important Changes and Documents Released During 2016:


Important Changes:

March: remade the flipbook embeds to use yumpu rather than issuu.


mp3 Audio Files:

The Discourse concerning Vāseṭṭha, February

From Buddha-to-be to Teacher
in the Buddha’s own Words
, April

Cha Abhiññā (in Pāḷi), April


Original Texts and Studies:

Study of the Parallels to the Dhammapada Verses, January


Texts and Translations:

Traditional Monastic Reflections
translated and adapted for lay people also
, February

The Discourse concerning Vāseṭṭha
and its commentary (MN & MA 98)
, February

Chanting for Meditators
(a monthly chanting schedule)
, April


English Texts:

The Discourse concerning Vāseṭṭha (MN 98), February

Buddhist Parables
220 Stories from Canonical,
Para-Canonical and Commentarial sources
, March

From Buddha-to-be to Teacher
in the Buddha’s own Words
, April


Prosody: Texts and Studies:

Vuttodaya, The Composition of Metre, April

Syntax of the Cases in the Pali Nikayas, April



From the Living Fountains of Buddhism
Ananda W.P. Guruge
, June 2016



Chinese Pilgrims to
Central Asia, India and SE Asia (3 maps), May 2016