Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series, Volume XXIV




Khuddakapāṭhapāḷi (25 pages, 175 KB)


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BJT Khuddakanikāya Volume One
(Khuddakapāṭhapāḷi, Dhammapadapāḷi, Udānapāḷi, & Itivuttakapāḷi)


Editor's Preface

The text of Khuddakapāṭhapāḷi presented here is substantially a transliteration of the Sinhala version of the text as printed in the Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series, Volume XXIV. In preparing this edition the corrigenda (śuddhi patraya) as printed on page xxx-xxxi of that volume have been taken into account. Other corrections, made by the present editor while preparing this edition of the text, have been noted in the appropriate place.

In the original edition there were many cases where BJT was inconsistent in its use of punctuation. Here an attempt has been made to present a more standardized version of the text in this regard, but as the matter is trivial on the one hand, and extremely numerous on the other, these sort of changes have not been noted.

The original edition of the text included Sanskrit parallels to the Ratanasutta drawn from Mahāvastu. The transliteration of these parallels as printed in BJT were full of mistakes, and they have been withdrawn from this edition of the text. A corrected version of this material however may be found in a separate document elsewhere on this website (see Ratanasutta).

There is a complete word index to the text, an index to the gāthā first lines, and an index to the metres. This hopefully make reference much easier for those who wish to study the text.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
June 2001


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