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Asokassa Pesanā
The Asokan Missions

Asoka's Missions

The map shown above is approx. 1,600 km from East to West and 2,200 km from North to South

There is a discrepency in regard to the Asokan Missions. According to the Edicts King Asoka himself sent them out, but according to Pāḷi sources, like the Vinayanidāna and Mahāvaṁsa it was his preceptor and advisor, the elder Moggaliputtatissa. Here is a summary of the monks involved and the places they went to according to the Mahāvaṁsa:

Majjhantika to Kasmīra and Gandhāra
Mahādeva to Mahisamaṇḍala
Rakkhita to Vanavāsī
Dhammarakkhita to Aparantikā
Mahādhammarakkhita to Mahāraṭṭha
Mahārakkhita to Yonaloka
Majjhima to the Himālayas
Soṇa and Uttara to Suvaṇṇabhūmi
Mahinda, Iṭṭhiya, Uttiya, Sambala, Bhaddasāla, novice Sumana and upāsaka Bhaṇḍuka to Laṁkādīpa


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The Extended Mahāvaṁsa, Ch. XII-XIV follow these links:

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