Daily Chanting
(Devasikā Sajjhayanā)

edited and translated by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu


(formerly Pūjā & Parittaṁ)



Daily Chanting
(Pāḷi text given in Roman and Sinhala Scripts, with English translation)


Html Table of Contents

Pūja - Worship (Daily)   Parittaṁ - Safeguard Recitals (Daily)

Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday

Avasānaṁ - Conclusion


Editor's Preface

This work gives a selection of verses that are recited when worshipping the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Saṅgha; and a collection of discourses that are popularly used as Safeguards. Part of the chants found in this book are meant to be made every day, and part rotate on a weekly basis.

The system for the chanting is as follows: First there is Recollection of the Three Treasures, this if followed by Pūjā (which will depend on what is being offered). Then the Parittaṁ section begins with the Recollections and Reflections. All of this is chanted every day.

Then the chants that are recited on the particular days begin. To go to the correct day click on the appropriate hyperlink at the end of the Reflections. At the end of the special chants for the day, there is the Conclusion, again you can access the appropriate conclusion by using the hyperlinks.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
July 2001 - 2545


This book is dedicated with great respect to the memory of

Ven. Rerukane Chandavimala

former Mahānāyaka of the Swejin Mahānikāya
who worked so tirelessly on behalf of the Sāsana


This work has been revised and retitled in line with my current thinking on this subject, which brings it in to line with the Blessing Chants collection. As with the latter I have also added a Sinhala transliteration of the Pāḷi to the PDF file, but this is unfortunately not available in the Html files.

In August 2007 this book was been published for free distribution by friends and supporters in Colombo. May the merit from this Dhamma Dāna benefit all living beings!


Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
August 2007 - 2551


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