5-7: Sabbanāmapulliṅgarūpāni - a, ima
5-7: Masculine Forms of the (Demonstrative) Pronoun - a, ima


Sabbanāmapulliṅgarūpāni ima-saddo vuccante
Now the forms of the (Demonstrative) Masculine Pronoun
are illustrated with the declineable word ima The declension is complicated by there being four stems that the forms are declined on: a, ana, i (which gives rise to masculine and feminine ayaṁ and neuter idaṁ), and ima. It appears the former stems are original, but are gradually supplanted by the ima stem (see Geiger §108).01




ayaṁ ime nomimative - paṭhamā
imaṁ ime accusative - dutiyā
anena iminā ehi ebhi imehi imehbi instrumental - tatiyā
assa imassa esaṁ esānaṁ imesaṁ imesānaṁ dative - catutthī
asmā imasmā imamhā ehi ebhi imehi imehbi ablative - pañcamī
assa imassa imesaṁ imesānaṁ genitive - chaṭṭhī
asmiṁ imasmiṁ imamhi esu imesu locative - sattamī


Sentences (masculine):


Ayaṁ jano pana taṁ purisaṁ puññaṁ kārāpeti (nom. sing.)
This man makes that man do a meritorious deed


Ime janā te purise puññaṁ kārāpenti (nom. plur.)
These men make those men do a meritorious deed


Imaṁ janaṁ puññaṁ kārāpeti sappuriso (acc. sing.)
The good man makes this man do a meritorious deed


Ime jane puññaṁ kārāpenti sappurisā (acc. plur.)
The good men make these men do a meritorious deed


Anena janena kammaphalaṁ anubhūyate (agent. inst. sing.)
Iminā janena kammaphalaṁ anubhūyate

Action and result is experienced by this man


Ehi janehi kammaphalāni anubhuttāni (agent. inst. plur.)
Imehi janehi kammaphalāni anubhuttāni

Actions and results are experienced by these men


Anena janena yo koci sucarati (inst. sing.)
Iminā janena yo koci sucarati

Because of this man there is some one who lives happily


Ehi janehi ye keci sucaranti (inst. plur.)
Imehi janehi ye keci sucaranti

Because of these men there are some who live happily


Assa janassa sakkārañ-ca karoti (dat. sing.)
Imassa janassa sakkārañ-ca karoti

He pays respect to this man


Imesaṁ janānaṁ sakkāraṁ karonti (dat. plur.)
Imesānaṁ janānaṁ sakkāraṁ karonti

They pay respect to these men


Asmā janamhā viññutaṁ pattosmi (abl. sing.)
Imasmā janamhā viññutaṁ pattosmi
Imamhā janamhā viññutaṁ pattosmi

I reached discretion through this man


Ehi janehi bhayāni uppajjanti (abl. plur.)
Imehi janehi bhayāni uppajjanti

Fears arise from these men


Assa janassa khettavatthūni honti (gen. sing.)
Imassa janassa khettavatthūni honti

These are this man's grounds and fields


Imesaṁ janānañ-ca pahūtadhanadhaññāni (gen. plur.)
Imesānaṁ janānañ-ca pahūtadhanadhaññāni

These mens' abundant wealth and riches


Asmiṁ janasmiṁ pasīdati yo koci (loc. sing.)
Imasmiṁ janasmiṁ pasīdati yo koci
Imamhi janasmiṁ pasīdati yo koci

There is some one who has confidence in this man


Esu janesu pasīdanti ye keci (loc. plur.)
Imesu janesu pasīdanti ye keci

There are some who have confidence in these men


Iti Sattamo Pāṭho
Such is the Seventh Lesson