7-4: Cattāḷīsā, Cattāḷīsati, (Cattāḷīsa)
7-4: Forty




all three genders singular:
cattāḷīsā cattāḷīsaṁ cattāḷīsati nomimative - paṭhamā
cattāḷīsaṁ cattāḷīsatiṁ accusative - dutiyā
cattāḷīsāya cattāḷīsatiyā instrumental - tatiyā
cattāḷīsāya cattāḷīsatiyā dative - catutthī
cattāḷīsāya cattāḷīsatiyā ablative - pañcamī
cattāḷīsāya cattāḷīsatiyā genitive - chaṭṭhī
cattāḷīsāya cattāḷīsāyāṁ cattāḷīsatiyā cattāḷīsatiyaṁ locative - sattamī


Cattārīsā iccādi pi
Also (there is the form) cattārīsā, and so on


Abstract: I have not given the sentences as they are exactly the same as for cattāḷīsā, with the exchange of -r- for --.01


all three genders singular:
cattārīsā cattārīsaṁ cattārīsati nomimative - paṭhamā
cattārīsaṁ cattārīsatiṁ accusative - dutiyā
cattārīsāya cattārīsatiyā instrumental - tatiyā
cattārīsāya cattārīsatiyā dative - catutthī
cattārīsāya cattārīsatiyā ablative - pañcamī
cattārīsāya cattārīsatiyā genitive - chaṭṭhī
cattārīsāya cattārīsāyāṁ cattārīsatiyā cattārīsatiyaṁ locative - sattamī




Pulliṅgarūpāni vuccante:
The masculine forms are illustrated:


Cattāḷīsā bhikkhavo tiṭṭhanti (nom.)
Cattāḷīsaṁ bhikkhavo tiṭṭhanti
Cattāḷīsati bhikkhavo tiṭṭhanti

Forty monks remain


Cattāḷīsaṁ bhikkhavo passati (acc.)
Cattāḷīsatiṁ bhikkhavo passati

He sees forty monks


Cattāḷīsāyā bhikkhūhi desito (inst.)
Cattāḷīsatiyā bhikkhūhi desito

Taught by forty monks


Cattāḷīsāya bhikkhūsu patiṭṭhitaṁ (loc.)
Cattāḷīsāyaṁ bhikkhūsu patiṭṭhitaṁ
Cattāḷīsatiya bhikkhūsu patiṭṭhitaṁ
Cattāḷīsatiyaṁ bhikkhūsu patiṭṭhitaṁ

Well established in forty monks


Itthiliṅgarūpāni vuccante:
The feminine forms are illustrated:


Cattāḷīsā kaññāyo pi tiṭṭhanti (nom.)
Cattāḷīsaṁ kaññāyo pi tiṭṭhanti
Cattāḷīsati kaññāyo pi tiṭṭhanti

Forty girls remain


Cattāḷīsaṁ kaññāyo pi passati (acc.)
Cattāḷīsatiṁ kaññāyo pi passati

He sees forty girls


Cattāḷīsāyā kaññāhi kammaṁ kataṁ (inst.)
Cattāḷīsatiyā kaññāhi kammaṁ kataṁ

The deed was done by forty girls


Cattāḷīsāya kaññāsu patiṭṭhitaṁ (loc.)
Cattāḷīsāyaṁ kaññāsu patiṭṭhitaṁ
Cattāḷīsatiya kaññāsu patiṭṭhitaṁ
Cattāḷīsatiyaṁ kaññāsu patiṭṭhitaṁ

Well established in forty girls


Napuṁsakaliṅgarūpāni vuccante:
The neuter forms are illustrated:


Cattāḷīsā cittāni uppajjanti (nom.)
Cattāḷīsaṁ cittāni uppajjanti
Cattāḷīsati cittāni uppajjanti

Forty thoughts arise


Cattāḷīsaṁ cittāni pi passati (acc.)
Cattāḷīsatiṁ cittāni pi passati

He sees forty thoughts


Cattāḷīsāyā cittehi kammaṁ kataṁ (inst.)
Cattāḷīsatiyā cittehi kammaṁ kataṁ

The deed was done by forty hearts


Cattāḷīsāya cittesu patiṭṭhitaṁ (loc.)
Cattāḷīsāyaṁ cittesu patiṭṭhitaṁ
Cattāḷīsatiya cittesu patiṭṭhitaṁ
Cattāḷīsatiyaṁ cittesu patiṭṭhitaṁ

Well established in forty hearts


Iti Catuttho Pāṭho
Such is the Fourth Lesson