11. Phandanaparittaṁ
The Tree Safeguard



Iccevaṁ phandano issaṁ, isso ca pana phandanaṁ
Thus the tree and the lord, and the lord and the tree

Aññam-aññaṁ vivādena, aññam-aññam-aghātayuṁ. [01]
With each other quarrel, and each other destroy.

Evam-eva manussānaṁ vivādo yattha jāyati,
So it is with men, wherever a quarrel starts,

Mayūranaccaṁ naccanti, yathā te issaphandanā. [02]
They dance the peacock dance, like the lord and the tree.

Taṁ vo vadāmi, bhaddaṁ vo, yāvantettha samāgatā,
I say this to you, hearken, all assembled here,

Sammodatha mā vivadatha, mā hotha issaphandanā, [03]
Be friendly, don’t quarrel, be not like lord and tree,

Sāmaggim-eva sikkhetha, Buddhehetaṁ pasaṁsitaṁ,
Train in peace, this is praised by the Awakened Ones,

Sāmaggirato dhammaṭṭho, yogakkhemā na dhaṁsati. [04]
Delight in peace, righteousness, safety will not be destroyed.