Articles about Indian Prosody


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A.L. Basham on Indian Prosody   Html   PDF

A.A. Macdonell on Vedic Metre   Html   PDF

A.K. Warder on Pāli Metre   Html   PDF

Charles Duroiselle on Medieval Pali Prosody   Html   PDF

A.A. Macdonell on Metre in Classical Sanskrit   Html   PDF

M. Winternitz on Indian Prosodic Literature   Html   PDF


E.V. Arnold extract from Vedic Metre in its Historical Development   Html   PDF

A. B. Keith on The Metre Of The Bhaddevatā   Html   PDF

J.H. Moore giving a Metrical Analysis of the Pāli Iti-vuttaka   Html   PDF

K.R. Norman on The origins of the āryā metre   Html   PDF

Franklin Edgerton on Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit   Html   PDF


Editor's Preface

The documents in this section have been prepared to give a broad overview of Indian Prosody as it has developed through the ages; and to provide bibliographical information that may be useful to the student. Most of the documents consist of Appendices to other works, or small sections within a larger work, some of which are hard to find, and so it seemed useful to gather them together here. I hope to add more articles to this section as and when possible.

I have generally reformatted the documents to make them more readable, added in the metrical markings wherever necessary, and annotated the documents whenever it would help to clarify the text. Occasionally I have corrected the English, especially in Indian works on the subject. All such additions and corrections are placed in square brackets.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
December 2005