Ancient Buddhist Texts

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Ancient Buddhist Texts

Materials from the early and medieval Buddhist tradition covering texts in Pāli and Sanskrit; line by line (interlinear) texts and translations; translations in English only; studies of grammar, prosody and compilation; maps, reference works and audio files.

website last updated December 4th, 2019


This website has 4 main sections:

Original Texts and Studies

Texts and Translations

Texts in English Only

Grammar and Prosody

there are also

Reference Materials

Maps of Ancient Buddhist India

Audio Readings of Selected Texts


Important Changes and Documents Released During 2019:


Important Changes:

Work is suspended on this site, apart from maintenance, owing to publication of numerous books principally about Borobudur connected to my Photo Dharma website, which is taking up all my time at present.

November: Owing to changes in policy on the hosting site all flipbooks have had to be removed.


Texts and Translations:

The Essence of the Analysis of Deeds
, December


English Texts:

The Essence of the Analysis of Deeds
, December