[3. Pañhāpucchakaṁ] BJT: Pañha-, at the end of the section.01

Cattāro Satipaṭṭhānā:

Idha bhikkhu kāye kāyānupassī viharati, ātāpī sampajāno satimā, vineyya loke abhijjhādomanassaṁ.

Vedanāsu vedanānupassī viharati, ātāpī sampajāno satimā, vineyya loke abhijjhādomanassaṁ.

Citte cittānupassī viharati, ātāpī sampajāno satimā, vineyya loke abhijjhādomanassaṁ.

Dhammesu dhammānupassī viharati, ātāpī sampajāno satimā, vineyya loke abhijjhādomanassaṁ.

Catunnaṁ satipaṭṭhānānaṁ:


[1] [Q:] Kati kusalā? This sequence of questions is elided in the texts as kati kusalā, kati akusalā, kati abyākatā ... kati saraṇa kati araṇa. The rest has to be inferred from the Mātikā (Tabulation) sequence at the beginning of Dhammasaïgaṇī.02 Kati akusalā? Kati abyākatā? BJT: avyàkatà, and in the answer. 03
[A:] Siyā kusalā, siyā abyākatā. I have rearranged the material here so that the answers (printed in italic) follow the questions, which hopefully makes the whole discussion more intelligible. 04

[2] Kati sukhāya vedanāya sampayuttā? Kati dukkhāya vedanāya sampayuttā? Kati adukkhamasukhāya vedanāya sampayuttā?
Siyā sukhāya vedanāya sampayuttā, siyā adukkhamasukhāya vedanāya sampayuttā.

[3] Kati vipākā? Kati vipākadhammadhammā? Kati nevavipākanavipākadhammadhammā?
Siyā vipākā, siyā vipākadhammadhammā.

[4] Kati upādinnupādāniyā? ChS: -pādiṇṇ-, also below.05
Kati anupādinnupādāniyā? Kati anupādinna-anupādāniyā? Thai: anupādinnānupādāniyā; ChS: anupādiṇṇa-anupādāniyā.06 Anupādinna-anupādāniyā. ChS: Anupādiṇṇa-anupādāniyā.07

[5] Kati saṅkiliṭṭhasaṅkilesikā? Kati asaṅkiliṭṭhasaṅkilesikā? Kati asaṅkiliṭṭha-asaṅkilesikā? Thai: asaṅkiliṭṭhāsaṅkilesikā.08

[6] Kati savitakkasavicārā? Kati avitakkavicāramattā? Kati avitakka-avicārā? Thai: avitakkāvicārā.09
Siyā savitakkasavicārā, siyā avitakkavicāramattā, siyā avitakka-avicārā.

[7] Kati pītisahagatā? Kati sukhasahagatā? Kati upekkhāsahagatā?
Siyā pītisahagatā, siyā sukhasahagatā, siyā upekkhāsahagatā.

[8] Kati dassanena pahātabbā? Kati bhāvanāya pahātabbā? Kati neva dassanena na bhāvanāya pahātabbā?
Neva dassanena na bhāvanāya pahātabbā.

[9] Kati dassanena pahātabbahetukā? Kati bhāvanāya pahātabbahetukā? Kati neva dassanena na bhāvanāya pahātabbahetukā?
Neva dassanena na bhāvanāya pahātabbahetukā.

[10] Kati ācayagāmino?
Kati apacayagāmino? Kati nevācayagāmino nāpacayagāmino? BJT: nevācayagāmino na apacayagāmino; ChS: nevācayagāmināpacayagāmino; both also in the answer below.10 Siyā apacayagāmino, siyā nevācayagāmino BJT omits -no, printer's error.11 nāpacayagāmino.

[11] Kati sekhā? Thai, ChS: Sekkhā ... asekkhā, similarly below. 12
Kati asekhā? Kati nevasekhā nāsekhā? ChS: nevasekkhanāsekhā.13 Siyā sekhā, siyā asekhā. BJT inconsistently prints sekkhā ... asekkhā here.14

[12] Kati parittā? Kati mahaggatā? Kati appamāṇā?

[13] Kati parittārammaṇā? Kati mahaggatārammaṇā? Kati appamāṇārammaṇā?

[14] Kati hīnā? Kati majjhimā? Kati paṇītā?

[15] Kati micchattaniyatā? Kati sammattaniyatā? Kati aniyatā?
Siyā sammattaniyatā, siyā aniyatā.

[16] Kati Maggārammaṇā? Kati Maggahetukā? Kati Maggādhipatino?
Na maggārammaṇā, Thai omits the negative na.15 siyā maggahetukā, siyā maggādhipatino, siyā na vattabbā maggahetukā ti pi, maggādhipatino ti pi.

[17] Kati uppannā? Kati anuppannā? Kati uppādino?
Siyā uppannā, siyā anuppannā, siyā uppādino.

[18] Kati atītā? Kati anāgatā? Kati paccuppannā?
Siyā atītā, siyā anāgatā, siyā paccuppannā. Siyā anāgatā, siyāpaccuppannā, siyā atītā, which is its own edition of Dhs. And also against the normal order in Pàëi.16

[19] Kati atītārammaṇā? Kati anāgatārammaṇā? Kati paccuppannārammaṇā?
Na vattabbā atītārammaṇā ti pi, anāgatārammaṇā ti pi, paccuppannārammaṇā ti pi.

[20] Kati ajjhattā? Kati bahiddhā? Kati ajjhattabahiddhā?
Siyā ajjhattā, siyā bahiddhā, siyā ajjhattabahiddhā.

[21] Kati ajjhattārammaṇā?
Kati bahiddhārammaṇā? Kati ajjhattabahiddhārammaṇā? Bahiddhārammaṇā.

[22] Kati sanidassanasappaṭighā? Kati anidassanasappaṭighā? Kati anidassana-appaṭighā? Thai: anidassanāppaṭighā, and in the answer.17

Tikamātikā BJT omits.18