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Original Texts and Studies

This section contains Buddhist texts in the original languages, together with studies of the texts, especially in regard to their compilation and prosody.

Canonical Works:

written on ola leaf

Title page of Dhammacakkappavattanasuttam


BJT Pātimokkhapāḷi

Mahākhandhako (Mv 1-4)

Mahāparinibbānasuttaṁ (DN 16)

Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasuttaṁ (DN 22)

Bhikkhunīsaṁyuttaṁ (SN 5)

New Khuddakapāṭha (KN 1)

New Dhammapada (KN 2)

Study of the Parallels to the Dhammapada Verses (KN 2) Updated, 2020

BJT Udānapāḷi (KN 3)

BJT Itivuttakapāḷi (KN 4)

Pubbakammapilotika-Buddhāpadānaṁ (Ap 39.10 & Comm.)




A collection of classic passages from the Pāḷi texts

Catubhāṇavārapāḷi, A New Edition

Pocketbook of Protections

Buddhanīti Saṅgaho


Post-Canonical Works:



Jātaka-aṭṭhakathā (Ja)

Naḷinikājātakavaṇṇanā (Ja 526)


Sanskritised Prākt and Comparative Studies

A Comparative Edition of the Dhammapada
(Pāḷi, Sanskritised Prākt, Gāndhārī) Updated, 2020

The Uraga Verses
(Pāḷi, Sanskritised Prākt, Gāndhārī)

The Patna Dharmapada
(Sanskritised Prākt & Pāḷi)

(Sanskritised Prākt)


Ratanasutta - A Comparative Edition
(Pāḷi & Sanskritised Prākt)

A Comparison of the Pāḷi Udānas and the Udānavarga
(Pāḷi & Sanskritised Prākt)



The small core of this section, was originally prepared for the Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project, but since then the documents have been given a further proof-reading, and extra editorial matter has been included in the notes. All the texts now take account of the Corrigenda (Śuddhi Patraya) that were originally printed as a supplement to the individual texts. Here the corrections have been written into the text itself.

The New Editions, such as A New Edition of the Dhammapada, and A New Edition of Khuddakapāṭha have been prepared because it was felt that in a number of cases the BJT versions were rather inadequate as they stand, especially in regard to the metre, and could easily be improved on, by taking into account the various versions that are now available in the 4 main editions.

The main growth in this section in recent years has been the addition of a number of Comparative Documents, such as A Comparative Edition of the Dhammapada, A Comparison of the Pāḷi Udānas and the Udānavarga, The Uraga Verses and others; and the inclusion of Sanskritised Prākt texts, such as Udānavarga, and The Patna Dharmapada. I have also prepared a number of Medieval texts, including Jinacaritaṁ, and Dāthāvaṁsa.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
November 2007