Mahāparinibbānasuttaṁ, DN 16

The Pāli text of the Mahāparinibbānasutta (DN 16) which covers the last year of the Life of the Buddha. Includes notes on variant readings, its grammar, prosody, and how the material has been collected, with an analysis of the metre of the verse texts.

edited by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

(first published, June 2008)




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Establishment of the Text









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Establishment of the Text



1: Rājā Ajātasattu

2: Satta Vajjī-Aparihāniyā Dhammā

3: Satta Saṅgha-Aparihāniyā Dhammā (1-7)

4: Apare Satta Saṅgha-Aparihāniyā Dhammā (8-14)

5: Apare Satta Saṅgha-Aparihāniyā Dhammā (15-21)

6: Apare Satta Saṅgha-Aparihāniyā Dhammā (22-28)

7: Apare Satta Saṅgha-Aparihāniyā Dhammā (29-35)

8: Cha Saṅgha-Aparihāniyā Dhammā (36-41)

9: Ambalaṭṭhikā-Dhammakathā

10: Sāriputtasīhanādo

11: Sīlānisaṁsā

12: Pāṭaligāmamāpanaṁ



13: Cattāro Ariyasaccāni

14: Dhammādāso

15: Ambapālī Gaṇikā

16: Bhagavato Ābādho



17: Ānandassa Vipatti

18: Āyusaṅkhārossajanaṁ

19: Aṭṭha Bhūmicālahetū

20: Aṭṭha Parisā

21: Aṭṭha Abhibhāyatanāni

22: Aṭṭha Vimokkhā

23: Ānandassa Aparaddhaṁ

24: Rājagahe Ānandassa Aparaddhaṁ

25: Vesāliyaṁ Ānandassa Aparaddhaṁ

26: Sattatiṁsa Bodhipakkhiyadhammā



27: Cattāro Ariyadhammā

28: Cattāro Mahāpadesā

29: Pacchimabhattaṁ

30: Pānīyāharaṇaṁ

31: Pukkusa-Mallaputtakathā

32: Cundassa Mahānisaṁso



33: Tathāgatapūjā

34: Devatānugamanaṁ

35: Cattāri Saṁvejanīyāni Ṭhānāni

36: Ānandassa Acchariyadhammā

37: Kusinārassa Itihāso

38: Mallā Bhagavato Vandanā

39: Subhaddo Pacchimo Sakkhisāvako



40: Tathāgatassa Pacchimā Anusāsanā

41: Parinibbānaṁ

42: Sarīrapaṭipajjanaṁ

43: Mahākassapakathā

44: Sarīravibhāgo



(BJT): Śrī Laṁkan edition, from the Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series, Volume VIII (Colombo, 1976/2519, reprinted with corrections 2005).

(Thai): Thai edition, as found on Budsir for Windows CD-ROM (version 2.0, Bangkok, 1996).

(ChS): Burmese edition, as found on the Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana CD-ROM (version 3), Igatpuri (no date, but = 1999).

(PTS): European edition, The Dīgha Nikāya, ed. T.W. Rhys Davids and J. Estlin Carpenter, (1903, reprinted 1995).

(Comm): Mahāparinibbānasuttavaṇṇanā, as found on the Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana CD-ROM (version 3), Igatpuri (no date, but = 1999).



In preparing this text and translation for publication I have divided it into a number of versions. In the Buddhist Texts and Studies section will be found the Pāḷi Text together with the variant readings. This is a more technical work dealing with the establishment of the text, and considers the text from the point of view of it's grammar, prosody, and how the material has been collected, with an analysis of the metre of the verse texts.

In the Texts and Translations section I present the full Text and Translation with annotations which help to explain matters that may not be clear from the text itself. I have therefore translated sections from the Commentary, added notes on the history and geography, and explained points of doctrine whenever it seemed necessary.

In the English section there is the Translation Only, with somewhat less notes than in the Text and Translations section, which is intended for the casual reader who wants a reliable translation but is not interested in the technical matters concerning the original text itself.

The Text and Translation also has an Introduction which gives an outline of the text and discusses certain issues regarding its chronology; and the Pāḷi Text has a study of the Establishment of the Text, and the additions that have been made to it.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
June 2008