The Matrix from the Abstract Teaching

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[The Pairs Matrix from the Discourses]

[101] Thoughts which partake of understanding, thoughts which do not partake of understanding.

[102] Thoughts like lightning, thoughts like thunder-bolts

[103] Foolish thoughts, wise thoughts.

[104] Dark thoughts, bright thoughts.

[105] Thoughts which cause remorse, thoughts which do not cause remorse.

[106] Thoughts which are definitions, thoughts within the range of definitions.

[107] Thoughts which are expressions, thoughts within the range of expressions.

[108] Thoughts which are designations, thoughts within the range of designations.

[109] Name and form.

[110] Ignorance and craving for continuation.

[111] View about continuation and view about discontinuation.

[112] View about eternalism and view about annihilation.

[113] View about finitude and view about infinity.

[114] View about the beginning of thoughts, view about the ending of thoughts.

[115] Lack of conscience and lack of shame.

[116] Conscience and shame.

[117] Difficulty in admonishment and association with the wicked.

[118] Ease in admonishment and association with the good.

[119] Skilful in what is an offence and skilful in rising from what is an offense.

[120] Skilful in an attainment (of jhāna) and skilful in rising from an attainment (of jhāna).

[121] Skilful in elements and skilful in applying the mind.

[122] Skilful in the (sense) spheres and skilful in conditional origination.

[123] Skilful in what is a cause and skilful in what is not a cause.

[124] Uprightness and gentleness.

[125] Patience and meekness.

[126] Amity and courtesy.

[127] Non-guarding of the doors of the faculties and non-knowing the measure in food.

[128] Guarding of the doors of the faculties and knowing the measure in food.

[129] Forgetfulness and lack of full knowledge.

[130] Mindfulness and full knowledge.

[131] Strengh in discrimination and strength in (mental) development.

[132] Calm and insight.

[133] The sign of calm and the sign of exertion.

[134] Exertion and balance.

[135] Failure in morality and failure in view.

[136] Success in morality and success in view.

[137] Purity in morality and purity in view.

[138] Purity in morality and endeavour in regard to (right) view.

[139] Spiritual anxiety towards what is a cause for anxiety and wise endeavour in regard to that anxiety.

[140] Dissatisfaction with (only) doing good deeds and not lacking in endeavour.

[141] Understanding and freedom.

[142] Knowledge regarding destruction (of the pollutants) and knowledge of what has not yet arisen.

The Pairs Matrix from the Discourses

The Matrix is Finished