Arahat Saṅghamittā's Story

[XX. The Complete Emancipation of the Elders]

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[The Passing of Arahat Saṅghamittā]
65-74 ≠ Mhv 48-53


The Great Elder Saṅghamittā, of great power, great intelligence, fulfilled all duties to the Dispensation with virtue and wisdom, and benefited many people in the delightful Island of Laṅkā.

Nine years after the beginning of the reign of King Uttiya, fifty-nine years (after arriving), while residing in the Elephant's Measure house, this light of the world passed away.

Hearing that, King Uttiya, affected by the dart of grief, with a shower of tears set rolling, The third time this phrase has been used about the Elder: first when she told her Father, King Asoka, she was going to Laṅkā, and next when she actually left for the Island, never to return.02 went out with his assembly and just as for the Elder Mahinda, he made supreme offerings and paid respect to the Elder Nun for a week in that place, and decorated the whole of Laṅkā as for the Elder Mahinda.

After seven days the Elder's body was placed on top of a bier and was led round the delightful city with the assembly, and the Guardian of the World, placing the decorated bier aside, near to the Beautiful hall, in sight of the Great Bodhi Tree, on the eastern side of the Sanctuary monastery, in the place indicated by the Elder Nun, had the cremation carried out.

The Lord of the World Uttiya also had a Sanctuary built in that place. Having taken her relics he deposited them in the Sanctuary, and he worshipped there day by day, with all kinds of offerings.