[from V. The Third Recital] I have included the end-titles at the top of the chapter they refer to. The original simply has the number: Chapter Five, etc.01
238-338 & 462-645 ≠ 154-211 & 266-282

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[Asoka’s Birth] The titles within the chapter are supplied by the translator to help give context.02
ExtMhv 238-245

One day King Bindusāra took his noble son Asoka, sat him on his lap, and sat there playing with him. Then he took a right-handed shell in his hand and placed it to his son, and his son urinated right there. He took it and poured it down on his son’s head with the shell.

Seeing that the Queen became angry and took the youngster by the hand to her advisor Jarasāna, and was pleased to know the meaning of it.

“Do not be afraid, your son has great merit, he is incomparable, he will be the Foremost King over the whole of the Rose-Apple Isle.” After making this assurance, Jarasāna departed.

In due course, while the King’s son was growing, she gave birth to another son, who was called prince Tissa.

There were one hundred and one sons for King Bindusāra. But Asoka was the most meritorious, powerful and glorious. He killed his ninety-nine brothers by different mothers and attained sole sovereignty over the whole of the Rose-Apple Isle.