[from V. The Third Recital]

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[Asoka’s Family]
ExtMhv 246-256 ≠ Mhv XIII 8-11

Formerly in the Moriyan lineage, a son called Bindusāra was born to the previous King called Candagutta Candagutta was the founder of the Mauryan Empire, which eventually Asoka inherited.01 in the city of Pāṭaliputta, and after the death of his Father, while still growing, he became the King.

To that King there were two sons of the same mother, and to those two, there were ninety-nine other sons of the King who were brothers by different mothers.

To the eldest of them all, prince Asoka, the Lord of the Earth gave the vice-sovereignty over the country of Avanti.

Then one day the King came to the attendance hall and seeing his son, he sent him off saying: “Go to the country and dwell in the city of Ujjenī.”

In accordance with his Father’s bidding, he went to Ujjenī by the interior road, and there in the city of Vedisa he arranged to make his dwelling in the house of the merchant Deva.

Seeing the merchant’s daughter he reflected gladly and thought this: ‘I have heard she is endowed with auspicious marks, wealth, affection, and is amiable, if they will receive these gifts I will win her favour.’

They received what was given, and he became intimate with her. After life arose in the womb, she was led to the city of Ujjenī, and there she gave birth to the Prince’s handsome son called Mahinda, and also had a daughter called Saṅghamittā.