[from V. The Third Recital]

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[Asoka’s Previous Birth-Story]
292-305 ≠ Mhv. 49-61

Previously, it seems, there were three brothers who were honey merchants, one would sell the honey, and two would collect the honey.

One Independent Perfectly Awakened One had a diseased wound, and another Independent Perfectly Awakened One seeking honey for his use entered the city during his usual practice of walking for alms.

A maid-servant who was going for water to the tank saw him. She asked and understood his desire for honey, and pointed with her hand and said: “Go there, to the honey-stall, venerable Sir.”

The Independently Awakened One went to the shop and waited there. The faithful merchant, gave so much honey to the Independently Awakened One the bowl was full and overflowing from the rim.

Seeing the bowl was full of honey and it was falling on the earth, being faithful, he made an aspiration thus: “May this donation bring me sole sovereignty over the Rose-Apple Island, and my orders be accepted a league into the sky and a league into the earth.”

When his brothers came he said: “I gave honey to such a one, you should also rejoice as the honey is also yours.”

The eldest was not satisfied and said: “Maybe it was an outcaste for outcastes always wear yellow clothes.” The middle one said: “Chase Lit: throw.01 that Independent Perfectly Awakened One across the seas.” But having heard the words transferring merit, they rejoiced.

But she who pointed out the stall went and stood there, and seeing the Seer, she worshipped him and asked: “Did you receive the honey, venerable Sir?”

He said: “Yes,” and right there: “Just what is my noble sister’s wish in this?” he said, and she made her wish for Queenship, having a highly delightful form with invisible joints. Meaning, I suppose, being very smooth.02

Asoka gave the honey, but Queen Asandhimittā was the maid-servant, Nigrodha said the word ‘outcaste’, Tissa said ‘across the seas’. The one who said outcaste was born in an outcaste’s village, but from having desired liberation, after seven years he did attain liberation.