[XIII. Mahinda’s Journey]
1-29 ≠ Mhv 1-21

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[To Vedisa]
1-8 ≠ Mhv 1-8

Then the Great Elder Mahinda, having twelve Rains, In the monastic life seniority is counted by the number of Rains Retreats one has completed. At twelve Rains Mahinda would be an Elder, although still quite a young monk.01 being of great intelligence, ordered by his preceptor and the Community to bring faith to the Island of Laṅkā sought the right time thinking:

‘King Muṭasiva is old, he is unable to uphold the Dispensation, if his son Piyatissa were to become King he would be able to uphold the Dispensation of the Teacher, therefore the time has not arrived when I will go to the Isle.’

In the meantime Mahinda, having resolved his mind to go later, in order to see his relatives went to the noble Dakkhiṇāgiri, It was a state (janapada) situated more or less where Madhya Pradesh is now, having Ujjenī (modern Ujjain) as capital.02 and after worshipping his preceptor and Community, he asked the Lord of the Earth King Asoka, his Father.03 and took with him four Elders, and his sister Saṅghamittā’s son, the novice Sumana, who had the six deep knowledges and great power.

To give favour to his relatives he went to Dakkhiṇāgiri and while walking from one place to the other six months passed by. Having by and by reached his Mother Devī’s city Vedisagiri he saw his Mother, and Devī, seeing her dear son, prepared food for him and his assembly, and then made the lovely monastery called Vedisagiri, and announced it to the Elder.