[XIII. Mahinda’s Journey]
1-29 ≠ Mhv 1-21

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[Asoka’s Children in Avanti]
9-13 ≠ Mhv 9-11

While he was enjoying the country of Avanti, which was given to him by his Father, Prince Asoka, on his journey to the city of Ujjenī, arrived at the city of Vedisa and dwelt in that noble city, and received a girl named Devī, a merchant’s daughter. He took ahold of that lovely and handsome girl in the noble city of Vedisa, became intimate with her, and through him she conceived Lit: an embryo took hold.01 a child.

In Ujjenī she gave birth to a son, prince Mahinda, and after two years had passed also to a daughter Saṅghamittā, It is clear from this that Devī was more of a courtesan, and not the main Queen (Aggamahesī), who is named elsewhere in the Chronicle (5.85) as Asandhimittā; the latter died quite early and Asoka then raised Tissarakkhā to Queen, see XX v.6 below. 02 and fourteen years after his child, Asoka attained his consecration. Then at that time she Presumably referring to Devī.03 dwelt in the city of Vedisa.