[XIII. Mahinda’s Journey]
1-29 ≠ Mhv 1-21

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[Determining the Time]
14-21 ≠ Mhv 12-17

Then the Elder, after residing there, thinking: ‘This is the right time, for in the consecration festival which is ordered by my Father the Great King Devānampiyatissa will partake, Although he partook in the coronation, it appears he did so without attending, probably simply by sending tribute and good wishes.01 and having heard about the virtues of the Three Objects from the envoy may he understand.

May he ascend mount Missaka on the Observance day That is on the Full Moon day, the fast days are observed on the New Moon and Full Moon days.02 in the month of Jeṭṭha, The month after Visakhā, normally falling in June.03 and we will go on the same day to the noble Island of Laṅkā.’

At that time the lord of the gods came into the presence of the Elder and Sakka said this to the Great and Supreme Elder Mahinda: “Venerable Sir, now the King Muṭasiva has died and his son Devānampiyatissa The name means: Tissa, Beloved of the Gods.04 is making his rule, therefore, venerable Sir, this is the right time to go to the Isle, go to bring faith to Laṅkā, as predicted by the Perfectly Awakened One, and we will provide the support for you there.”

Devī’s sister’s daughter’s son, I.e. Devī’s grand-nephew.05 Bhaṇḍuka by name, having heard the Dhamma preached by the Elder Mahinda to Devī and attained the Fruit of Non-Returner, dwelt in the presence of the Elder.