[XIII. Mahinda’s Journey]
1-29 ≠ Mhv 1-21

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[Arrival in Laṅkā]
22-29 ≠ Mhv 18-21

After dwelling in the delightful city of Vedisa for thirty nights, thinking: ‘This is the right time for the journey’, he said: “We will go now to the supreme Island.” The Elder Mahinda advised them of this on the Observance day in the month of Jeṭṭha and with the four Elders, Sumana and Bhaṇḍu The young man is sometimes called Bhaṇḍu in the narrative, and at others Bhaṇḍuka. Both would mean shaven-headed.01 the householder, by knowing their human state, I do not understand the text here, but MhvṬ doesn't see a problem and paraphrases: manussabhāvajānanāya.02 they rose in succession from the monastery above the clouds and those Elders, shining like kings of geese in the sky, in an instant came here and stood resembling mountain clouds on the top of the delightful mount Missaka.

Standing like geese on the mountain peak on the top of the mountain were the Community Elder known by the name of Mahinda, the Elders Iṭṭhiya, Uttiya, Bhaddasāla and Sambala and the novice Sumana, who had the six deep knowledges and great power, and the young man Bhaṇḍu, these seven who had seen the Truth. Thus these Great Elders lit up the Island of Laṅkā.

As predicted by the Sage on his last resting place, I.e. the Buddha on his death bed in Kusināra.03 for the benefit of Laṅkā, through the virtue of the faith of Laṅkā, he who, through being of benefit to Laṅkā, was like the Teacher, I.e. Mahinda.04 through the protective gods of Laṅkā came to reside there.

Written for the Faith and Invigoration of Good People
The Thirteenth Chapter in the Great Lineage called
Mahinda’s Journey