Madame A. Christina Albers

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A sylvan summer night, the pine trees swayed
Their emerald arms gently in sighing cadence
Mellow, diaphanous, the moonlit air
Now waved its element in gentle breezes
Laden with mingled perfumes, wafted sweet
By jasmin, lilac, rose and violet.
And on the garden and the palace walls
A silver moonlit peace guarded the slumber;
And rested the fair queen in royal hall
On silken cushions, white, lavender scented,
White silver moonlight played upon her bed,
Virgin and holy, and into her dreaming
A mystic ray of rosy vision stole:
A starlit elephant, shining in glory,
Thrice trumpeted and vanished in her heart.
Then came an untold peace upon her being
And an all hallowed bliss filled all the air.
Sweetly soft, whispering voices holy anthems
Foretold the coming of a great event.
And knew the Queen she was a chosen mother
A glorious being would descend to earth.