Madame A. Christina Albers

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A garden, where in silver melody
Soft spirit voices whispered amid branches,
Laden with bloom of lavender and pearl,
Where lithe gazelles brouzed upon emerald grasses
And violet bordered brooklets joined their lay,
With carols of soft-throated plumed musicians
While humming birds with topaz wing outspread
Whirled love-charmed round a honey laden lotus.
All, all was peace and spirit harmony.
Here neath a tree, which bore a lightsome burden
Of chrysophrase and lilac-rose-hued love,
There stood a lady, graceful, tall and slender.
The lovelight of her soulful midnight eyes
Outshone in splendour all that garden-beauty,
Held all the mystery of suns and stars.
And the fond branches, deep in worship bending
Formed over her a shading canopy.
And on her form, in mellifluous showers
Rained fragrant bloom of lilac and of rose,
While neath her feet gold waves of flowers burgeoned.
And stood the Queen erect in majesty;
Nor felt a pang or pain that holy moment.
Thus came He forth, Buddha, the holy child.
But could the world not hold her; her life’s mission
Being fulfilled, upon the seventh day
That marked the advent of the Heaven hero
Queen Māyā closed her eyes to earthly scenes.
The infant Prince received the name, Siddhārtha,
His mother’s sister took Him in her care.
Upon the child’s form were the signs of Lordship
Which marked Him Master over men and gods.
And wondrous things foretold divining sages:
He would leave home and wander lonely forth
To find the path that leads unto salvation
For men and gods and for all living kind.
Which hearing, King Śuddhodana, the father
Felt sore at heart, sought to outgo stern fate.
Gave orders that before the Prince be uttered,
As he grew up, no single word of woe.
He should not know that in the world is sorrow.
For him was but the happiness of life,
Built gorgeous palaces and pleasure gardens
Where the young Prince should spend His childhood’s days.