Madame A. Christina Albers

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The Farewell

And as He went to leave parental halls,
His strong heart felt its manly pulses throbbing.
Then hushed and solemnly with noiseless step
He walked the long porphyry pillared passage
That led into a hallowed sanctuary,
Well sentinelled by gold-edged samite curtains.
And pushing with light hand the folds aside
He gazed upon that star-blessed scene before Him.
Here lay the Pearl, that His heart’s inmost core
Had cherished through unnumbered passing ages,
A love that bore the test of centuries.
And He beheld again, with inward vision
Fond golden days of long forgotten lives.
So calm she lay, her waving hair half hiding
The mystic, occult beauty of her face.
And resting on her heaving, ivory bosom,
Clasped in the lily softness of her arms,
His only child, eye-lids in slumber drooping.
And heaved the pulses of His manly heart.
But heard His soul beneath this fond love-vision
A low voiced whining, weeping, burning sobs,
Saw wringing hands and ghastly, gore-stained faces
Curses and tears upon the soughing wind:
The bleeding soul-cry of all vast creation.
Then burned His heart in anguish and He went,
Kingdom and power and wealth and love forsaking.
And tarried He no more, but with firm step
Took the bleak roadway of the homeless wanderer.