Book VI. The Wise Man, Paṇḍita Vagga

VI. 6. Unshaken as a Rock Text: N ii. 148-149.
Lakuṇṭakabhaddiyattheravatthu (81)

81. Even as a solid rock...

This religious instruction was given by the Teacher while he was in residence at Jetavana with reference to the Elder Lakuṇṭaka Bhaddiya. {2.148} [29.190]

The story goes that certain novices and others yet unconverted, on seeing the Elder, used to pull his hair and tweak his ears and nose, saying, “Uncle, you tire not of Religion? You take delight in it?” But the Elder showed no resentment, took no offense. The monks discussed the matter in the Hall of Truth, saying, “Behold, brethren, when novices and others, seeing Elder Lakuṇṭaka Bhaddiya, plague him thus and so, he shows no resentment, takes no offense.” The Teacher came in and asked, “Monks, what are you talking about?” They told him. He replied, “Yes, monks, they that have rid themselves of the Depravities show no anger or resentment, but are unmoved, unshaken, like solid rock.” So saying, he joined the connection, and instructing them in the Law, pronounced the following Stanza,

81. Even as a solid rock is not moved by the wind,
So wise men are not stirred by blame or praise.