Book XI. Old Age, Jarā Vagga

XI. 8. Elder Ānanda’s Stanzas Nidānakathā, Stanzas 278-279 (Jātaka, i. p. 76). The “Builder of the House” is of course Craving, Taṇhā, the cause of rebirth and suffering. Text: N iii. 127-129.
Ānandattherassa Udānavatthu (153-154)

153-154. Through a round of countless existences...

This religious instruction was breathed forth by the Teacher while he sat at the foot of the Bo-tree, by way of Solemn Utterance; and at a later time was recited to the Elder Ānanda in answer to a question. {3.127}

For the Teacher, sitting at the foot of the Bo-tree, before the set of sun, overcame the force of Māra; in the first watch, drove away the darkness that veils previous states of existence; in the middle watch, acquired Supernatural Vision; and in the last watch, out of pity for living beings, by focussing his thoughts on Dependent Originations and meditating on it both forwards and backwards, at sunrise he obtained Complete Enlightenment. Thereupon he breathed forth a Solemn Utterance common to countless thousands of Buddhas, pronouncing the following Stanzas,

153. Through a round of countless existences have I run to no purpose,
Seeking the Builder of the House. Repeated birth is suffering.

154. I see you, Builder of the House. You shall not build the house again.
All your rafters are broken, and your ridge-pole is shattered.
The mind, at rest in Nibbāna, has attained extinction of cravings.