Book XVIII. Blemishes, Mala Vagga

XVIII. 6. Courtesy and Rudeness Text: N iii. 351-355.
Cullasārivatthu (244-245)

244-245. Easy is the life...

This religious instruction was given by the Teacher while he was in residence at Jetavana with reference to Culla Sāri, a co-resident of Elder Sāriputta. {3.351} [30.125]

The story goes that one day this monk administered medical treatment, in return for which he received a portion of choice food. As he went out with this food, he met an Elder on the road and said to him, “Reverend Sir, here is some food which I received for administering medical treatment. Nowhere else will you receive food like this. Take it and eat it. Henceforth, whenever I receive such food as this in return for administering medical treatment, I will bring it to you.” The Elder listened to what he said, but departed without saying a word. The monks went to the monastery and reported the matter to the Teacher. Said the Teacher, “Monks, he that is shameless and impudent like a crow, he that practices the twenty-one varieties of impropriety, lives happily. But he that is endowed with modesty and fear of mortal sin, lives in sorrow.” So saying, he pronounced the following Stanzas,

244. Easy is the life of the man who is shameless, bold like a crow, a backbiter,
Insolent, impudent, corrupt.

245. Hard is the life of the man who is modest, ever seeking what is pure,
Free from attachment, contained, blameless in conduct, possessed of vision clear.