Book XXI. Miscellaneous, Pakiṇṇaka Vagga

XXI. 3. The Monks who were given to Vanities Derived from the Vinaya, Mahā Vagga, v. 8. 1: i. 1901-6. Text: N iii. 451-453.
Bhaddiyabhikkhuvatthu (292-293)


292-293. For that which should be done...

This religious instruction was given by the Teacher while he was in residence at Jātiyā Grove Ed. note: called Jātiyāvana above, see: Story XVIII. 10. near Bhaddiya with reference to the monks of Bhaddiya.

It seems that these monks were in the habit of ornamenting their shoes, even as says the Sacred Word: “Now at that time the monks of Bhaddiya were in the habit of wearing ornamental shoes of various kinds. They made or caused to be made shoes of tiṇa-grass; they made or caused to be made shoes of muñja-grass; they made or caused to be made shoes of babbaja-grass, of the leaves of the date-palm, of kamala-grass; they made or caused to be made woolen shoes. They neglected instruction, questioning, higher morality, higher meditation, higher wisdom.” {3.452}

When the monks learned that these monks were given to this mode of conduct, they were offended and informed the Teacher. Thereupon the Teacher rebuked those monks, saying to them, “Monks, you came here for one purpose, but have devoted yourselves to another.” So saying, he preached the Law to them by pronouncing the following Stanzas,

292. For that which should be done is left undone;
And that is done which should be left undone;
The Impurities of the arrogant and heedless ever increase.

293. But they that ever devote themselves to Meditation on the Body,
They follow not after that which should be left undone,
But persevere in that which should be done;
The Impurities of the thoughtful and intelligent come to an end.

At the conclusion of the lesson, those monks were established in Arahatship; the assembled company also profited by the lesson.