[The Chronicle of the Island]

VIII. [The Missions]

1. Far-seeing Moggaliputta who perceived by his supernatural vision the propagation of the Faith in the future in the neighbouring countries, –

2. sent Majjhantika and other Theras, each with four companions, for the sake of establishing the Faith in foreign countries (and) for the enlightenment of men.

3. “Preach ye together with your brethren (?) powerfully the most excellent religion to the foreign countries, out of compassion for created beings.”

4. The great sage Majjhantika went to the country of the Gandhāras; there he appeased an enraged Nāga and released many people from the fetters (of sin).

5. Mahādeva who possessed the great (magical) powers, went to the realm of Mahisa; urging (the people) by (the description of) the suffering in hell, he released many people from their fetters.

6. Then another (Thera), Rakkhita, skilled in magical transformations, rising into the air, preached the Anamataggiya discourse. The country converted by this Thera is called by Buddhaghosa Vanavāsa. Ed. note: Amataggiyasaṁyuttaṁ, SN 15.

7. The wise Thera called Yonakadhammarakkhita converted the Aparantaka country by preaching the Aggikkhandhopama Sutta. Ed. note: AN 7.72.

8. The Thera Mahādhammarakkhita who possessed the great (magical) powers, converted Mahāraṭṭha by preaching the Nāradakassapajātaka. Ed. note: Jā. 544.

9. The Thera Mahārakkhita who possessed the great magical powers, converted the Yavana region by preaching the Kālakārāma Suttanta. Ed. note: AN 4.24.

10. The Thera who originated from the Kassapa tribe, Majjhima, Durabhisara, Sahadeva, Mūlakadeva, converted the multitude of Yakkhas in the Himavat.

11. They preached there the Suttanta called Dhammacakkappavattana. Ed. note: SN 56.11.

12. Sona and [160] Uttara who possessed the great magical powers, went to Suvaṇṇabhūmi; there they conquered the multitudes of Pisācas and released many people from their fetters.

13. Mahinda, going with four companions to the most excellent island of Laṅkā, firmly established (there) the Faith and released many people from their fetters.