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Texts in English Only

English translations of many texts bearing on the Buddha’s teaching, most with embedded readings of the text.


Nuns and Women





Non-Pāḷi Tradition


In this section there are many works, most of which have parallels
that appear along with the text in the Texts and Translations
section of this website, but here are presented in English only.

Note that there are many extra chanting texts
in that section that are not included here.

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Biographical Works

Early Sources for the Life of the Buddha:

From Buddha-to-be to Teacher
in the Buddha’s own Words

The Great Chapter (Mv 1-4)

The Discourse about the Noble Search (MN 26)

The Discourse to Prince Bodhi (MN 85)

Exalted Utterances (Udāna, KN 3)

The Way to the Beyond (Sn V)

The Great Emancipation (DN 16)

Buddhakhetta and Buddhāpadāna (Ap 1.1 and Essay)

Why the Buddha Suffered (Ap 39.10 and Comm.)


Nuns and Women

Works in Pāḷi centering on Women:

Known Nun Disciples of the Buddha

The Stories about the Foremost Elder Nuns (AN & AA 8.51-53)

Three Discourses concerning Mahāpajāpatī Gotamī (AN 8.51-53)

The Discourse giving the Analysis of Offerings (MN 142)

Thematic Discourses about Nuns (SN 5)

Nandaka’s Advice (MN 146 & AA 1.4.7)

Arahat Dhammadinnā’s Teaching (MN 44 & Comms.)

Khemā Therī’s Wisdom (SN 44.1)

Arahat Saṅghamittā’s Story

The Bhikṣuṇī Maṇimēkhalai


Doctrinal Works

Doctrinal works mainly from the Pāḷi Canon:

Dhamma Topics and their Analysis
Dhammatthavinicchaya (collection)

The Short Readings (KN 1)

Sentences of the Law
Ven Buddharakkhita’s Translation of the Dhammapada (KN 2)

Dhamma Verses
A Translation of the Dhammapada (KN 2)

Patna Dhamma Verses
The Patna version of the Dhammapada.

Buddhist Wisdom Verses
(551 verses from the Canon)

The Discourse that Set the Dhamma Wheel Rolling
(from Vin Mv 1)

The Discourse concerning Vāseṭṭha (MN 98)

The Discourse giving the Analysis of the Truths (MN 141)

The Analysis of Conditional Origination (SN 12.2)

The Second Discourse giving an Analysis of the Faculties (SN 48.10)

The Discourse about the Belief Systems (AN 3.61)

The Discourse about Suitable Deeds (AN 4.61)

The Discourse on the Dishonest (AN & AA 4.70) 2020

The Discourse on the Right Use (of Wealth) (AN 5.41)

The Six Factors of Giving (AN 6.37)

The First Discourse on the Bases for Talk (AN 10.69)


Meditation Discourses

Works from the Pāḷi Canon on Meditation:

The Discourse about the Ways of Attending to Mindfulness (DN 22)

The Long Discourse Giving Advice to Rāhula (MN 62)

The Discourse about Mindfulness while Breathing (MN. 118)

The Discourse about Mindfulness related to the Body (MN. 119)

The Discourse Concerning Māluṅkyaputta (SN 35. 95)

The Discourse to Girimānanda (AN 10:60)



Some Important Works from the Abhidhamma:

The Matrix from the Abstract Teaching (Dhammasaṅgaṇī 1 & 2)

The Analysis of Conditional Origination (Vibh. 6)

The Analysis of the Ways of Attending to Mindfulness (Vibh. 7)

The Enumeration and Explanation of the Conditions (Paṭṭhāna 1 & 2)


Post-Canonical Works

Some Important Works from the Post-Canonical Period:

The Jātaka Translation
547 Stories from the Jātaka Commentary (Revised and Reconstructed) (Ja)

The Jātaka Verses and their Word Commentaries
(Jātakagāthāvaṇṇanā, 1-300)

Ja 1 The Story about what is Unquestionable

Ja 2 The Story about a Sandy Place

Ja 3 The Story about the Tradesman from Serivā

Ja 273 The Story about the Biting Turtle

Ja 526 Naḷinikā’s Story
or: The Seduction of an Innocent

Buddhist Legends
300 Stories from the Dhammapada Commentary (Dhp-A)

Buddhist Parables
220 Stories from Canonical, Para-Canonical and Commentarial sources

The Introduction to the Story of the Cuckoo
or: The Buddha goes to War (from Jā 536)

Saṅkha’s Story
or: Paccekabuddhas Teach Awakening (from DhpA 290)

The Life of the Victorious Buddha
translation of Jinacarita

The Chronicle of the Island

The Light of Asia by Sir Edwin Arnold

Buddha, a poem by Madame A. Christina Albers


Non-Pāḷi Tradition

Some works in Prakrit and Sanskrit:

The Entrance into the Light of the Dharma (from Lalitavistara)

The Earliest Recorded Discourses of the Buddha
(from Lalitavistara, Mahākhandaka & Mahāvastu)

The Journey from Uruvilvā to Ṛṣipatana (from Mahāvastu)

The Discourse that Set the Dharma-Wheel Rolling
(from Lalitavistara)

The Discourse on Arising and Ceasing
(The Fourth Discourse of the Buddha) (Mhv pp. 446-9)

The Explanation and Analysis of Conditional Origination from the Beginning

An Analysis of the Topics

The Dharma Collection

The Analysis of Deeds

Garland of Birth Stories
J. S. Speyer’s translation of Āryaśūra’s Jātakamālā

The Buddha Carita or The Life of the Buddha
E.B. Cowell’s translation of Aśvaghoṣa’s Buddhacarita

Ramayana, The Epic of Rama, Prince of India
Condensed into English Verse by Romesh C. Dutt

Mahabharata, Epic of the Bharatas
Condensed into English Verse by Romesh C. Dutt

The Aspiration for the Good Life