Udāna 1: Bodhivaggo
The Chapter (including the Discourses) about the Awakening (Tree)

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7: The Discourse about Pāvā


Thus I heard:
at one time the Gracious One was dwelling near Pāvā, near the Flock of Goats Shrine, at the domicile of the Flock of Goats yakkha.

Then at that time the Gracious One, in the darkness of the night, was sitting in the open air, and the sky-god Deva is used in the Mahābhārata as a name of Indra, in his role of god of the sky, and giver of rain, and that is clearly the sense here. See SED under the entry deva.01 was raining lightly drop by drop.

Then the Flock of Goats yakkha desiring to give rise to fear, terror, and horror in the Gracious One, went to the Gracious One, and after going, not far away from the Gracious One three times (he called out): “Confusion, great confusion”, and he made a great confusion, These words are probably to be derived from ākula, meaning confusion; but they may simply be exclamations having the same meaning.02 “This is a demon for you, ascetic!”

Then the Gracious One, having understood the significance of it, on that occasion uttered this exalted utterance:

“He is a brāhmaṇa when he has gone beyond in regard to his own things,
Then has he transcended this demon and the great confusion.”