The Discourse about Advising the Nuns
(AN 8.52)

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At one time the Fortunate One was dwelling near Vesālī, in the Great Wood, at the Gabled Hall. Then venerable Ānanda approached the Fortunate One, and after approaching and worshipping the Fortunate One, he sat down on one side. While sitting on one side venerable Ānanda said this to the Fortunate One: “With how many qualities, reverend Sir, should a monk who is authorised as an advisor to nuns be endowed?”

“A monk endowed with eight qualities, Ānanda, should be authorised as an advisor to nuns. Which eight?

Here, Ānanda, a monk is virtuous, he lives restrained with the Pātimokkha restraint, and is endowed with (suitable) conduct and resort, seeing danger in the slightest faults, he trains in the training rules he has undertaken.

He is learned, one who bears in mind what he has heard, one who collects what he has heard, and those Dhamma teachings that are good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end, with their meaning, with their proper phrasing, the spiritual life which is complete, fullfilled and very pure, that he declares, and in things such as these he is learned, one who upholds them, one who has collected the words, considered in his mind, and penetrated them with right view.

Both Pātimokkhas The monks’ and nuns’ Pātimokkhas. A teacher (ācariya), to be qualified, must know both. 01 are well passed down to him with the explanation, well-classified, well-recited, well-discerned in regard to the rule and the details.

He is a beautiful speaker, a beautiful recitor, he is endowed with good speech, that is distinct, clear, that instructs in the meaning.

He is able to talk in conformity with Dhamma to the Community of nuns, to instruct, rouse, enthuse, and cheer them.

He is dear and pleasing to almost all the nuns.

In regard to one who has gone forth under the Fortunate One, who dwells wearing the ochre robe, he is not guilty of a serious offence.

He has either twenty Rains Retreats or more than twenty Rains Retreats.

A monk endowed with these eight qualities, Ānanda, should be authorised as an advisor to nuns.”