[III. The Miracles at Uruvelā]

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[34: The Coal-Pan Miracle]

Then at that time those yogis, in the cold Winter nights, in between ‘the eights’, at the time of the snowfall, in the river Nerañjarā, were plunging in, and plunging out, were plunging in and out. Then the Fortunate One created about five hundred coal-pans, where those yogis, after emerging, warmed (themselves). Then this occurred to those yogis: “No doubt it is because of the Great Ascetic’s psychic power that these coal-pans were created.”

Then this occurred to the yogi Uruvelakassapa: “Powerful and majestic is this Great Ascetic, since he can create so many coal-pans for them, but he is surely not a Worthy One like I am.”