Ja 30 The Story about the Pig Munika

In the present a monk is in danger of being seduced from his monastic life by a sensual girl. The Buddha tells how in a previous life a pig called Munika was fattened up and sent to his death by the same girl, and his life, though it looked like he was prospering, was nothing to be envious of (full story).

1. Mā Munikassa pihayi, āturannāni bhuñjati,
Appossukko bhusaṁ khāda, etaṁ dīghāyulakkhaṇan-ti.

Do not envy Munika, Cf. Ja 286 Sālūkajātaka. he eats food ending in misery, being unconcerned eat your chaff, that is the mark of a long life.

In this connection, do not envy Munika means do not let envy arise on account of Munika’s food, do not envy Munika, thinking: “This Munika eats good food,” thinking: “When can I be happy like this?” do not wish for Munika’s state, for he eats food ending in misery. Ending in misery means the food of death.

Being unconcerned eat your chaff means be unconcerned about your food, whatever you receive, eat your chaff. That is the mark of a long life means this is the cause of longevity.