Ja 33 The Story about being in Agreement

In the present the Sākiyas and the Koliyas fall into a dispute over water. The Buddha reconciles them and then tells a story of the past showing how, when quails were united, they lifted the net and flew away safely from their hunter; but as soon as he managed to sew discord, they fell to him as prey (full story).

1. Sammodamānā gacchanti, jālam-ādāya pakkhino,
Yadā te vivadissanti, tadā ehinti me vasan-ti.

Joyously the birds fly away, carrying the net together, when they begin to quarrel, then they will come into my power.

In this connection, when they begin to quarrel, at whatever time the quails, having various views, various ideas, begin to quarrel, begin to dispute, this is the meaning.

Then they will come into my power, at that time they will all come under my power. Then I, having caught them, will come laughing in front of you, so did he console his wife.