Ja 45 The Story about the Slave Rohiṇī

In the present a maid kills her mother while trying to swat mosquitos which had landed on her. The Buddha tells a story of the exact same circumstances happening in the past to the same people in their previous incarnations, where the maid was called Rohiṇī (full story).

1. Seyyo amitto medhāvī yañ-ce bālānukampako,
Passa Rohiṇikaṁ jammiṁ, mātaraṁ hantvāna, socatī ti.

Worse than an intelligent foe is a fool who has compassion, look at that common girl Rohiṇī: killing her mother, she grieved.

In this connection, intelligent means, wise, knowledgable, understanding.

Is a fool who has compassion, whoever is called a fool who has compassion, a hundredfold, a thousandfold, a wise foe is better than that, this is the meaning.

Common means inferior, sluggish.

Killing her mother, she grieved, thinking: “I will kill the mosquito,” after killing her mother, now that fool on her own accord cries, laments. “For this reason in this world a wise foe is better.”