Ja 50 The Story about the Unintelligent

In the present the monks talk about the effort the Buddha makes to help and save others. The Buddha tells a story of how, when he was once proclaimed king, he had frightened a dissolute people into obedience by threatening to offer them up to the gods in sacrifice if they broke the precepts (full story).

1. Dummedhānaṁ sahassena yañño me upayācito,
Idāni khohaṁ yajissāmi bahu adhammiko jano ti.

The unintelligent by the thousand begged me for sacrifice, now I will make a sacrifice of many unrighteous people.

In this connection, the unintelligent by the thousand, thinking: “It is suitable to do this deed, it is not suitable,” through ignorance they undertake the ten paths of unwholesome deeds, through their conduct, the unintelligent, those of corrupt intelligence, having considered those unintelligent, unwise, foolish people, they were grabbed by the thousand.

Begged me for sacrifice, having approached my Devatā, thinking: “Thus I will sacrifice,” they begged for a sacrifice.

Now I will make a sacrifice, because of this begging personally received by the sovereign, now I will make a sacrifice.

What is the reason? Now there are many unrighteous people, therefore having grabbed them now, I will make an offering.