Ja 58 The Story about the Three Things

In the present Devadatta sets out to kill the Buddha, who replies that he did this in the past also, and tells a story of how, when he was a monkey, he outwitted his father; and the Rakkhasa who was meant to kill him became his handiman. Terrified by this, his father passed away and he became the new king (full story).

1. Yassa ete tayo dhammā, vānarinda yathā tava:
Dakkhiyaṁ sūriyaṁ paññā, diṭṭhaṁ so ativattatī ti.

He who, monkey-king, like you, has these three things: dexterity, heroism, wisdom, will overcome his foe.

In this connection, dexterity means being adroit, having the knowledge and wisdom to destroy the fear that is present, this is known as being associated with supreme effort.

Heroism means being heroic, this is known as the development of fearlessness.

Wisdom means this is known as the wisdom in inference, Padaṭṭhāna, lit: wisdom in footprints, metaphorically it means inference. wisdom in means.