Ja 66 The Story about Queen Mudulakkhaṇā

In the present a meditating monk is overwhelmed with lust when he sees a naked woman. The Buddha explains that this had happened even to himself in the past, and tells how, when an ascetic with higher knowledges, saw queen Mudulakkhaṇā naked he was overcome with lust. And how she cured him, so that he returned to the higher life (full story).

1. Ekā icchā pure āsi, aladdhā Mudulakkhaṇaṁ,
Yato laddhā aḷārakkhī, icchā icchaṁ vijāyathā ti.

Before, not having Mudulakkhaṇā, I had but one desire, when I had gained her of wide eyes, desire after desire was born. The form viyāyatha is explained as a 3rd person aorist below.

In this connection, this is the substance of it: great king, not having this your queen Mudulakkhaṇā, before, thinking: “Alas, I surely should gain this,” I had but one desire, just one craving arose.

But from when I gained this one of wide eyes, broad eyes, beautiful eyes, then my former desires, craving for a home, craving for resources, craving for enjoyment, arose, and various other desires were born, were produced, arose.

Thus, through my developing desires, she did not give me time to lift my head out of misery. This is enough for me, take back your wife, I will go to the Himālayas.