Ja 75 The Story about the Fish

In the present the whole country is suffering from a drought and all the waterways have dried up. The Buddha, however, wants to bathe so goes and stands on the edge of a dry pond. Sakka, seeing him there, orders the rain god to do his duty. The Buddha explains that in a past life he had also made the rain god Pajjuna rain down, when as a fish, he had made an asservation of the truth about his maintaining of the precepts (full story).

1. Abhitthanaya, Pajjunna, nidhiṁ kākassa nāsaya,
Kākaṁ sokāya randhehi, mañ-ca sokā pamocayā ti.

Thunder, Pajjuna, destroy the trove of the crows, oppress the crow with grief, free me and mine from grief.

In this connection, thunder, Pajjuna, means pajjuna is said to be a cloud, but by way of this cloud, he calls upon Identifying it as a vocative. those who received the name, the Deva-Kings of the Thunder-Clouds. This, it seems, is the intention: the one called Deva, while not thundering, and not flashing lightning, even while raining, does not shine, therefore you, thundering and flashing lightning, must rain down.

Destroy the trove of the crows, As Horner says in her translation of Cariyāpiṭaka, although kākassa is singular we must understand it to mean a plural, being a shortened form of something like kākasaṅghassa. the crows, having plunged into the mud, smash with the beak the fish stuck there, and after extracting them they eat them, therefore the fish in the mud are said to be a trove. Bury that flock of crows, Deva, while making it rain, cover them over with water and destroy them.

Oppress the crow with grief, the flock of crows, when this valley is filled with water, will grieve from not catching the fish, you must oppress that flock of crows with grief while filling this valley with water, the Deva must rain for the sake of grieving the crows, and comforting the fish. You should do this so that the internal sign of grief is attained, this is the meaning.

Free me and mine from grief, free me and all my relatives from the grief of death.