Ja 97 The Story about the Lucky Name

In the present one monk is worried that his name brings bad luck. The Buddha tells a story showing how he had the same name in the past, and his teacher had sent him out to find a new, more pleasing name. During his journey he realised that names are not so important and became content with his own (full story).

1. Jīvakañ-ca mataṁ disvā, Dhanapāliñ-ca duggataṁ,
Panthakañ-ca vane mūḷhaṁ, Pāpako puna-r-āgato ti.

Having seen Life lying dead, Wealthy who was poor, and Guide lost in the wood, Wicked came home again. At least the first three seem to have been popular names. I think the last, Pāpaka, probably only existed as an epithet.

In this connection, came home again means having seen these reasons, he came home again.