Ja 107 The Story about the Sling

In the present one monk is very skilful in throwing stones and manages to bring down a goose as it flies through the air. He is brought to the Buddha and reprimanded. Then the Buddha tells how he was skilful in a similar manner in a previous life, when every time a family priest had opened his mouth he had shot goat dung pellets into it, until the priest had learned the error of his ways (full story).

1. Sādhu kho sippakaṁ nāma, api yādisa’ kīdisaṁ,
Passa khañjappahārena – laddhā gāmā catuddisā ti.

Having what is known as a craft is good, whatever kind is found, see the disabled man give blows – he got villages in four directions!

In this connection, see the disabled man give blows, see, great king, this lame and handicapped man, through goats’ droppings, received four villages in the four directions, amongst other crafts, who discerns an advantage? He speaks of the virtue of having a craft.