Ja 110 The Compilation of Questions

In the past This is an extract from Ja 542 Umaṅgajātaka. a woman steals a necklace from a village woman, claiming it is her own. A wise man asks what perfumes they use when they wear it. The thief tells of an expensive one, the woman of a cheap one. The wise man calls a perfumer, who correctly identifies the perfume (full story).

1. Sabbasaṁhārako natthi, suddhaṁ kaṅgu pavāyati,
Alikaṁ bhāyatiyaṁ dhuttī, saccam-āhu mahallikā ti.

There is no blended perfume, the scent blowing is only kaṅgu, that scoundrel scared you with a lie, the old lady has told the truth.

[The commentary here adds nothing to our understanding.]