Ja 113 The Story about the Deceitful Jackal

In the present Devadatta boasts that the truth lies only with himself, and not with the Buddha. The latter tells how, in a past life, Devadatta had fooled and humiliated a brahmin who gave him help (full story).

1. Saddahāsi siṅgālassa surāpītassa, brāhmaṇa,
Sippikānaṁ sataṁ natthi, kuto kaṁsasatā duve ti.

You place your trust in this drunken jackal, brahmin, there is not one hundred cowries, how two hundred bronze coins?

In this connection, there is not one hundred cowries means there is indeed not even one hundred cowries. How two hundred bronze coins means but how could there be two hundred coins for him?