Ja 119 The Story about the Cock Crying at the Wrong Time

In the present one young man is talkative at all times, which brings him the blame of his fellow monks. The Buddha tells how, in a past life, he had been a cock who crowed at all the wrong times, which brought about his destruction (full story).

1. Amātāpitarasaṁvaddho, anācerakule vasaṁ,
Nāyaṁ kālaṁ akālaṁ vā, abhijānāti kukkuṭo ti.

No mother and father raised him, not under a teacher’s influence, neither at the right or wrong time, did the cock know when to call out.

In this connection, no mother and father raised him means without getting the advice of mother and father, he was raised.

Not under a teacher’s influence means not staying with his teacher’s family, without living depending on anyone like a teacher or a trainer, this is the meaning.

Neither at the right or wrong time, thinking: “This is the right time to cry out, this is not the time to cry out,” thus the cock does not know the right or wrong time that is suitable to cry out, because of this state of not-knowing he came to the destruction of his life.