Ja 170 The Story about (the Proud) Chameleon

In the past This is an extract from Ja 542 Umaṅgajātaka. a chameleon shows his respect to a king and is amply rewarded, but when one day he is given a coin he wears it with pride, and the king becomes angry. King Videha asks the wise man Mahosadha to explain it.

1. Nāyaṁ pure unnamati toraṇagge kakaṇṭako,
Mahosadha vijānāhi, kena thaddho kakaṇṭako ti.

Previously this chameleon on the archway was not proud, explain Mahosadha, why is that chameleon now haughty.

In this connection, proud, just as the chameleon not having descended today, shaking his head on the archway, is proud, so previously he was not proud.

Why is that chameleon now haughty, what is the reason he is filled with haughtiness?

2. Aladdhapubbaṁ laddhāna, aḍḍhamāsaṁ kakaṇṭako,
Atimaññati rājānaṁ Vedehaṁ Mithilaggahan-ti.

The chameleon got what he didn’t have before, a small coin, he despises the king of Videha of the house of Mithilā.

[There is no word commentary to this verse.]