Ja 175 The Story about Worshipping the Sun

In the present there is a rogue; we are told no more about him. The Buddha tells a story of a monkey who dressed himself up as an ascetic in order to receive alms, but who was chased off with sticks and clods.

1. Sabbesu kira bhūtesu santi sīlasamāhitā,
Passa sākhāmigaṁ jammaṁ, ādiccam-upatiṭṭhatī ti!

It seems that amongst all the creatures there are those endowed with virtue, see this contemptible monkey, who is worshipping the sun-god!

In this connection, there are those endowed with virtue, there are found those endowed with virtue, there are found the virtuous and composed and concentrated, this is also the meaning.

Contemptible means inferior.

Who is worshipping the sun-god means continually paying respects to the sun-god.

2. Nāssa sīlaṁ vijānātha, anaññāya pasaṁsatha, This line is repeated at Ja 236 Bakajātaka.
Aggihuttañ-ca uhannaṁ, dve ca bhinnā kamaṇḍalū ti.

You do not understand his character, unknowing, you praise him, he defecated on the fire offering, and broke the waterpots in two.

In this connection, unknowing means without knowing. These are two negative absolutive forms from the same root.

He defecated means having this wicked monkey nature, he defecated.

Waterpots. “And because of that he broke the waterpots in two,” he spoke of his lack of virtue.