Ja 187 The Story about being Cleansed in Four Ways

In the present one vain old monk comes and sits with the two chief disciples and offers to teach them. They walk away in disgust. The Buddha tells a story of how a jackal interrupted the virtuous talk of two geese and a Devatā in a tree, and how they flew away back to the Himālayas.

1. Ucce viṭabhim-āruyha, mantayavho rahogatā,
Nīce oruyha mantavho, migarājā pi sossatī ti.

Ascending the canopy above, you must discuss in secret, descending low, you can discuss, the king of beasts also listens.

In this connection, ascending the canopy above, conventially above in this tree, having ascended to the highest canopy.

You must discuss means you must discuss, This is a 2nd person middle imperative form, and is defined by the more regular form of the imperative. you must speak together.

Descending low means having descended, standing in a low place, you can discuss.

The king of beasts also listens, having made himself the king of beasts, he said this.

2. Yaṁ suvaṇṇo suvaṇṇena, Devo Devena mantaye,
Kiṁ tettha catumaṭṭhassa. Bilaṁ pavisa jambukā ti!

You should discuss the golden with the golden, Deva with Deva, whoever is cleansed in four ways. Re-enter your hole, dear jackal!

In this connection, golden means having a beautiful colour.

With the golden means with the second young goose.

Devas with Devas means having assembled two Devas, he speaks.

Whoever is cleansed in four ways means in body, in birth, in tone, in virtue. When cleansed, purified in these four ways, this is literal meaning. He speaks thus blaming with words of praise the impure one, when inferior in four ways, why is the jackal here? This is the intention here.

Re-enter, the Bodhisatta, having seen the object of fright, spoke thus putting him to flight.