Ja 195 The Story about the Valley

In the present a courtier had an affair in the king of Kosala’s harem, and the king asked advice of the Buddha as to what he should do. The Buddha told a story of a similar event in the past, and the wise advice he had given at that time.

1. Pabbatūpatthare ramme jātā pokkharaṇī sivā,
Taṁ siṅgālo apāpāyi, jānaṁ sīhena rakkhitan-ti.

On a delightful mountain plain arose auspicious lotus lakes, a jackal drank there, knowing that it was guarded by a lion.

In this connection, on a delightful mountain plain, spreading out at the foot of an Himalayan mountain, situated in that open space, this is the meaning.

Arose auspicious lotus lakes, appeared auspicious, cool, sweet-water lakes, but only shaded lotus lakes and ponds Lotuses do not grow in flowing rivers, which is the normal translation for nadī, so I think we must take it here as meaning still water ponds, or something similar. are lotus lakes.

Knowing that it was guarded by a lion, that lotus lake enjoyed by lions was guarded by a lion, that jackal, knowing: “This is guarded by a lion,” drank there. Considering this, the foolish jackal, unafraid of the lion, would still drink at such a lotus lake, this is the intention here.

2. Pivanti ce mahārāja sāpadāni mahānadiṁ,
Na tena anadī hoti, khamassu yadi te piyā ti.

If, great king, wild creatures drink from this great pond, because of that it does not stop being a pond, if they are dear to you, be patient.

In this connection, wild creatures, not just jackals, but the rest of the animals beginning with dogs, deer, cats, etc., all wild creatures at that shaded lotus lake, having the given name of a lotus lake.

If they drink from that pond it does not stop being a pond, from that pond, two-footed, also four-footed, also snakes and fish, all drink water there when thirsty, it does not stop being known as a pond because of that, nor is it a polluted pond. Why? For all of them it is in common. Whence a pond is not spoiled from being drunk from, so this woman, through defilements, not having removed her husband, having cohabited with another, does not stop being a woman. Why? Because of being common to all. Nor is she a polluted woman. Why? Because of the state of purity through the ablution at the end.

If they are dear to you, be patient, but if that woman is dear to you, and a helpful counsellor, with both of them, be patient, retain your state of impartiality.