Ja 250 The Story about the (Disguised) Monkey

In the present one monk is being very deceitful, and it sets the monks to talking about him. The Buddha explains that in a previous life he had been a monkey, had dressed as an ascetic to try and gain a warm fire, but was discovered and chased away.

1. Ayaṁ isī upasamasaṁyame rato
Sa tiṭṭhatī sisirabhayena aṭṭito,
Handā ayaṁ pavisatumaṁ agārakaṁ,
Vinetu sītaṁ darathañ-ca kevalan-ti.

This seer, delighting in calm and restraint stands afflicted by the fear of winter, come now, please enter into this household, drive away all cold and anxiety.

In this connection, delighting in peace and restraint, delighting in calm regarding the defilements of passion and so on, and restraint in accordance with virtue.

By the fear of winter means by the fear of winter generated by winds and rains.

Afflicted means harassed.

All means the whole, without remainder.

2. Nāyaṁ isī upasamasaṁyame rato,
Kapī ayaṁ dumavarasākhagocaro,
So dūsako rosako cāpi jammo,
Sace vaje mam-pi dūseyyagāran-ti.

This is no seer, delighting in calm and restraint, this is a monkey who ranges in tree branches. He is a spoiler, a provocateur, vulgar, if he comes inside he will surely spoil my home.

In this connection, who ranges in tree branches means whose range is on the branches of the noble trees.

He is a spoiler, a provocateur, vulgar, thus he is a spoiler from being one who spoils the places he has entered into, a provocateur by attacking, vulgar because of having an inferior state.

If he comes inside means if he enters, comes inside this leaf hut, he would spoil everything by making urine and faeces, and by setting it on fire.